How to manufacture school uniforms

School Uniform production is a process that seems easy, but contains a lot of detail in the kitchen part of the job. In the planning of the entire production process by professionals, the supply of necessary materials and the most efficient positioning of the production line in the appropriate position are required. As Uncteks Tekstil, we are one of the leading companies in school uniform manufacturing Turkey. Together with our professional colleagues, we make the aforementioned plans in a complete and timely manner, and try to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
In Turkey, we use advanced technologies at all stages of production. First of all, it is essential to determine the fabric and the color/colors of the desired school uniforms. After agreeing on the fabric, we cut the fabrics in the patterns desired by our customers. If the product is desired blank, we insert the cut pieces directly into the sewing line. However, if printing or embroidery is desired, we direct the cut pieces to printing and embroidery. After the sewing process, the products are sent to quality control. Products that pass the quality control are cleaned of the threads remaining from the sewing process. Then it is ironed and packed as desired and made ready for shipping.

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